Why Consider Legal Action?

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If there's one emotion our New Jersey dog bite attack attorney sees most often in prospective clients it's reluctance. Despite the myth of the litigious American, most peole we meet are quite hesitant about pursuing legal action over their attack.

We understand and respect the impulse. But we urge you to take the time to sit down with our attorney at a free initial consultation and discuss your options. Then, take some more time and think through the choices in front of you.

Your legal rights are precious, and you should never surrender them without giving the situation a thorough consideration.

If you live in New Jersey and you want to discuss your legal options, our dog bite attack attorney is happy to discuss them with you. Please call David Cowhey at 609-513-0627 for a free consultation.

Causes of Reluctance

It's relatively rare for a dog bite attack to involve a victim and a dog who are completely unfamiliar with each other. More often than not, the owner of the dog is an acquaintance, friend, neighbor or even family member of the victim.

This obviously makes pursuing legal action for your injuries a little awkward. No one wants to be responsible for causing financial hardship to a friend.

However, it's important to realize that we are not pursuing any money from the owner himself. Our dog bite attack attorney will, for legal reasons, have to name the owner in any legal action we pursue, but actual payouts will come from the insurance company.

We only accept cases in which the dog in question is insured. We will be dealing with the insurance company throughout your case, and any award or settlement we win will come out of the insurance company's pocket, not the dog owner's.

The other objection we hear is, “Oh, it wasn't that bad.” Many victims have a remarkable ability to minimize their own pain and suffering. They don't want to make a fuss or they don't want to seem litigious- in popular culture, dog bite attack cases are frequently, and incorrectly, associated with frivolous lawsuits.

But the injuries that result from an attack are often severe, and they quite frequently do not manifest themselves until some time has passed. Don't rule out legal action until you've spoken with our attorney.

Your consultation with our firm is free and comes with no obligations whatsoever. You lose nothing and put nothing at risk by speaking with us. And you can gain the justice you deserve.

If you're a New Jersey resident in need of an experienced dog bite attack attorney, please call David Cowhey at 609-513-0627 or contact us online for a free consultation.