Our Recoveries

Serving clients throughout New Jersey



$300,000 for a Cape May County woman with partial finger amputation


$300,000 for a Camden County woman bitten by a rottweiler


$100,000 for a young Cumberland County boy bitten in the face by a relative’s terrier.


$125,000 for a young Burlington County girl bitten on the leg by a pit bull, leaving scars.


$275,000 for a young Camden County woman severely wounded in the calf by a Rottweiler bite, causing permanent scarring.


$300,000 for a teenage girl from Gloucester County who was attacked by a pit bull mixed breed dog, suffering facial injuries and scarring.


$450,000 for a Cape May County HVAC service person who was attacked by a dog and suffered back injuries requiring surgery.


$700,000 for an Atlantic County police officer who was attacked by a large dog while responding to a domestic dispute, incurring back injuries that required surgery.


$900,000 for a young Ocean County boy attacked by a Husky.