The Dangers of Large Dogs

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Our page on breeds that bite lists a number of dog breeds that are known to have biting tendencies. However, the reality is that just about every breed of dog can bite and do damage in the right circumstances.

Still, this doesn't mean all dogs are easily dangerous. And while small dogs can cause significant damage with their teeth, it is the case that a large dog can do significant damage without even biting. Most folks can withstand being jumped on by a corgi- fewer can do the same with a fully grown St. Bernard.

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Why Size Matters

It's worth emphasizing at some length: all dogs pose dangers when they bite. Even a small dog can cause pain, discomfort and debilitating injuries using their teeth. Mr. Cowhey takes attacks from small dogs quite seriously.

However, there are two reasons we're discussing the unique dangers posed by large dogs. These are:

  • A large dog is uniquely positioned to cause significant facial injuries with a bite. These dogs can knock a victim down and pin them with their weight, and the face of a large dog is often on the level of a victim's face.

  • A large dog can cause injuries without even biting. We talk about dog bite attacks on this site because those are by far the most common sorts of cases we see, but a large dog can do a lot of damage just by jumping on an unaware victim. Broken bones and other injuries are not uncommon in these cases.

Common examples of large dog breeds include:

  • St. Bernards

  • German shepherds

  • Rottweilers

  • Mastiffs

This obviously is not an attempt at a complete list of large dogs.

Whatever the specific breed involved, our dog attack attorney wants to speak to you about your injuries and your case. We'll help you decide if a legal action is appropriate in your circumstances.

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