Seeking Medical Attention

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Our dog bite attack lawyer always urges victims to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an incident. This is true even if you don't feel as though you've suffered significant injuries.

Your health and well-being should always be your most important considerations. Fortunately, this is one of those cases in which protecting your legal rights and protecting your health require doing the same thing.

Don't hesitate. See your doctor or go to the hospital as soon as possible after your attack.

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Why Is This So Important?

You've just suffered a dog bite attack. You're in some pain, but nothing seems to be broken, and you're moving around pretty well. Why, then, should you seek medical attention?

First, because you're not a doctor (and if you are, you should know how important this is). You shouldn't try and diagnose yourself. Don't tell yourself that the lingering pain you're suffering is just a mild inconvenience and no larger issue.

That's a determination that has to be made by a highly skilled medical professional. Your doctor will have advanced diagnostic capabilities that can determine just how hurt you really are. The hospital and its staff will be able to test you for rabies and other possible infections.

Keep in mind that many injuries take a long time to manifest themselves. You can have a neck or back injury for weeks or months without being aware of it. Don't wait until you're unable to walk without pain before getting checked out.

Second, documenting your injuries and your attempts to get them diagnosed and treated might well prove crucial to any future legal action you might pursue. It's impossible to have too much documentation in the legal system, and we urge you to get copies of any medical records generated during your care.

Put simply, seeking medical attention is about protecting yourself- protecting your health and protecting your legal rights. You should look out for both in the aftermath of the devastating dog bite attack you suffered.

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