Infections From Dog Bites

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One of the things that's important to understand about dog attacks is that while the injuries are involved are quite serious, these attacks can also lead to health problems quite a ways down the road.

In other words, it's not just the broken bone or laceration you need to worry about- it's what that broken bone or laceration might cause. Dog attack victims often find themselves suffering from serious infections after their attacks.

Our dog attack attorney has decades of experience in personal injury law, so he understands the medical issues involved with these incidents.

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Lingering Diseases

Your body is designed as something of a closed system, and it is quite efficient at quarantining and eliminating any potentially malign outside influences. However, traumatic injuries can make that elimination process decidedly less effective and efficient.

During a dog bite attack, it's quite common for a victim to suffer significant lacerations and puncture wounds. Aside from the dangers they present in and of themselves (blood loss, pain), these injuries also increase your chance of suffering a serious infection.

There are two significant issues at play here:

  • The first comes from a direct transfer of a disease or infection from the attacking dog. This is relatively rare- most of the bacteria in a dog's mouth are specific to that species. But it does happen, most frighteningly with rabies.

  • The more common issue has nothing to do with the dog himself and is instead about what can happen to your body after the attack. An open wound is an open door for all sorts of infections. And if you require medical attention after a dog attack, you also have to take into account the staggering number of infections that occur in hospital environments.

Mr. Cowhey has seen these sorts of infections many times over his 33 years of experience with personal injury law. He understands the medicine and the law, and he knows how to pursue compensation so that you can recover from your injuries and illnesses.

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