Dog Bite Injuries

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New Jersey Dog Bite Injury Attorney

It is often difficult for people who have not been the victim of a dog bite attack to really imagine how vicious and damaging such an attack can be. We hear "dog bite" and tend to think of minor nips from a household pet.

However, the dog bite cases David Cowhey handles are far more serious. Our clients suffer severe, debilitating injuries, many of which they have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

That's why we are so passionate in our pursuit of justice and compensation for our clients. We know how expensive medical care and rehabilitation can be after a dog bite attack. And we know you both need and deserve all of the help you can get.

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Serious Injuries

A firm understanding of the medical issues faced by victims of dog bite attacks requires ample experience with these cases. Mr. Cowhey has been a practicing personal injury lawyer for 33 years and has long specialized in dog bite cases.

This means he knows what you're going through after your dog bite attack, and he will treat your case with the seriousness it deserves.

Our personal injury law has helped clients who have suffered:

This is, of course, far from an exhaustive list. But it does provide a good sense of just how dangerous these attacks really are.

Long-Term Consequences of Dog Bite Attacks

Of course, dog bite cases often include medical issues that are secondary or even tertiary to the most visible injuries. The unseen effects of a dog bite can linger and negatively affect your ability to navigate the world around you.

Your external injuries might be severe, but how has your neck reacted to the strain of having a large dog attack you? How are your muscles and ligaments responding? The answer is that it's impossible to know unless you seek medical attention immediately.

The injuries from a dog bite attack can make working and earning a living difficult. The medical expenses drag out for a long time. You need someone who is unafraid of pursuing every cent of compensation you deserve.

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