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Misinformation is a big problem in dog bite litigation. Myths arise and become an accepted part of the popular consciousness. Eventually, these misconceptions seep into the minds of judges and jurors, and this can influence how cases are handled.

These myths can even make dog bite attack victims less inclined to pursue justice and compensation for their injuries. As such, our New Jersey dog bite attorney offers this page to provide some important facts and statistics about dog bite attacks.

We hope this will prove helpful as you research your options.

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The Reality

Finding hard statistics for dog bites can be difficult. After all, many (perhaps most) of these incidents aren't recorded, and even serious attacks are often swept under the rug for various reasons.

However, there are still several things you should be aware of:

  • New Jersey is a strict liability state, meaning "one free bite" and "history of viciousness" are irrelevant here. Read our dog bite laws page for more information.

  • Millions of Americans are bitten by dogs every year

  • Many of these injuries are quite serious and require hospitalization, followed by long-term medical treatment- the CDC found that 17 percent of dog bite victims in 1994 sought medical attention

  • In 2001, the CDC found that 368,245 victims were treated in emergency rooms for wounds resulting from dog bite attacks

  • According to statistics accumulated by the advocacy organization, pit bulls were responsible for 59 percent of the fatal dog bite attacks recorded between 2006 and 2009

  • Most victims know the dog that attacked them

As you can see, these attacks are serious, nation-wide problems. These are not small, playful nips from a docile dog. Our clients suffer significant injuries that require intensive medical care.

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