What To Do for a Severe Dog Bite

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What to Do for a Severe Dog BiteDog bites are not something to ignore. While many encounters with dogs can leave you with as little as a red mark on your skin, a severe bite can lead to infection. If you think your bite is severe or if it involves bones, joints, or tendons, go to an emergency room immediately. In the meantime,

  • if your wound is bleeding, apply pressure with a clean cloth and keep it elevated.
  • if a body party (finger, toe, ear, etc.) has been severed, rinse it with clean water, put it in a sealed bag, and place the bag in ice so there's a chance it can be reconnected at a hospital.
  • call for an ambulance if the victim of the bite appears to be in shock.

At a hospital or clinic, your wound will be cleaned and any damaged or dead skin or tissue will be removed. If the wound is not closing on its own or is bleeding excessively, it will be closed with stitches. A seven-day course of antibiotics may be prescribed if it's already infected or if the doctor thinks there is a high chance of infection. Reconstruction surgery may also be needed, depending on the severity.


Once you've had your wound tended to, consider contacting the New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, Mr. David Cowhey, if someone else's dog is the culprit. Mr. Cowhey has seen all sorts of dog bites in his 33 years of experience with personal injury law. He understands the medicine and the law, and knows how to pursue compensation so you can recover from your injuries and illnesses.


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