What Kind of Wound Can You Expect from a Dog Bite?

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Dog bite woundDog attacks can cause serious injuries, but many dog bites can be attended with minor first aid care at home. All dog bites have certain characteristics in common caused by the way a dog grasps the victim with its front teeth and pulls at the surrounding skin with its other teeth as it bites. This leaves a distinctive wound, characterized by:

  • A deep puncture made by the front teeth
  • A jagged laceration or cut where the skin was ripped
  • An abrasion where the teeth scraped over the skin

Children are most often bitten on the neck and face – lips, cheeks, and nose. Adults are more commonly bitten on the hands, arms, feet, and legs.

The severity of a dog bite wound will depend on the strength of the attack. Some victims may only suffer skin lacerations, but other victims, especially small children, can suffer torn tendons, broken bones, and back and neck injuries. Infection is, of course, a risk in dog bite attacks. This is why all but the most minor wounds should be examined by a medical professional.

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