The Role of Breed in Dog Bite Risk

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Dog Breed and Dog Bite AttacksYou hear it in the news a lot – victims of dog bite injuries and their communities calling out for breed restrictions and regulations for dangerous dog breeds. It is easy to categorize an entire breed as dangerous, but it isn’t always that simple. You may be surprised to learn that many dog bites occur from common household breeds that many consider to be kid-friendly.

Studies show that breeds that are more aggressive toward people include small and medium-sized breeds, such as collies, spaniels, and toy breeds according to studies collected by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Pit bulls, often identified by the public as one of the most dangerous dog breeds, are not disproportionally dangerous compared with other dog breeds.

The bottom line is that a variety of factors lead to dog bite attacks, including individual dog temperament and the context of the incident. Breed is a poor predictor of dog bite injuries. Active enforcement of dog control ordinances is more effective at preventing dog-bite injuries than banning or limiting ownership of particular breeds.

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