The Litigation Process: Trial

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If your dog bite claim has not been settled by the time an Arbitration is complete, the next step in the process of litigating your case is trial before a judge and jury.  In a trial of your dog attack case in New Jersey, six to twelve jurors will be "impaneled."  These are the people that are chosen to sit on the jury after a selection process involving both attorneys.  The selection process usually involves asking a potentia juror a series of questions that are related to a dog attack claim.  Some potential jurors will be "stricken," or dismissed, by Mr. Cowhey if he feels that they would not be able to reach a verdict impartially.  Such jurors may be owners of "aggressive breed" dogs such as pit bulls or Rottweilers.  Others may be breeders of such animals.  Others still may be members of animal rights groups that could harbor strong feelings against attorneys and clients bringing claims for a dog attack.  After a jury is selected, the trial judge will instruct them as to how they should regard and review the testimony that is given.  Once trial begins, Mr. Cowhey, as your dog bite lawyer, will present multiple forms of evidence to the jury, including photographs of your dog bite wounds, records of all medical treatment including emergency room records and (as the case may be) corrective plastic surgery records.  You, as the dog attack victim, may be called to give your own testimony and account of the events of the dog attack in question.  Other witnesses, such as family members, doctors, police, animal control agents, etc. may also be called to give testimony.  Mr. Cowhey makes sure that you are fully prepared for your trial, as it is almost always the final stage of the litigation of your dog bite claim.  Mr. Cowhey also takes painstaking steps to prepare his clients for cross-examination by the defense attorney, which is a series of questions designed to discredit or downplay the victim's testimony.  After testimony of all witnesses is given and all evidence is presented, and both attorneys have "rested" their case, the jury will be sent to deliberate, or talk amongst themselves to reach a verdict on your dog bite case based on the testimony given and the evidence presented.  The verdict is the final word, so to speak, in your dog bite claim, and represents the monetary damages that you will be awarded for your injuries.  David J. Cowhey prides himself on his abilities as a trial attorney, and is always ready and prepared to argue your dog bite case in court.  He has successfully tried over 100 cases in open court, obtaining favorable verdicts for his clients.  Ensure that you select an attorney that does not shy away from trial proceedings, and that will fight for your rights and the best verdict possible as your dog bite lawyer.  Call the Law Office of David J. Cowhey today on our Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627 for a free consultation and evaluation of your dog bite claim in New Jersey.