The Litigation Process: Subpoenas

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Another effective tool in Mr. Cowhey's arsenal as the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer is the subpoena.  This is a document that, once a Complaint is filed in your dog bite case, can be forwarded to medical providers (family doctors, veterinarians, etc.) for records, police departments for dog attack incident reports and citations, municipal courts for summonses to the dog owner for any previous attacks, or to municipal dog licensing offices for proof of ownership.  Subpoenas can come in handy in dog bite cases wherein the ownership of a dog that attacked you is in dispute.  A subpoena generally asks that the addressee forward to our office within a specific time frame (usually two weeks) any and all records and information in their possession regarding the presumptive dog owner and/or dog in question.  Such records and information can empirically prove that the person who is potentially liable for damages in your dog bite claim is in fact the owner of the dog, and therefore put to rest any dispute over liability, which makes it easier for you, the dog bite victim, to recover fair compensation for your dog attack injuries.  Additionally, answers to subpoenas can prove that the dog in question was known to have dangerous propensities, which makes it difficult for a landlord in a case involving renter's insurance to disavow any prior knowledge of the dangerous nature of the offending animal.  The subpoena is without doubt one of the most effective tools that Mr. Cowhey employs as part of his practice, and his use of this tool is yet another testament to his thouroughness as a dog attack plaintiff's attorney.  To ensure that you select a lawyer who uses all resources available to him to properly prosecute your dog bite claim, call the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer today at (609) 653-9200 or call our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627.  Every consultation is free of charge, and you, as the dog bite victim, do not owe any fees unless a fair recovery is obtained.