The Litigation Process: Requests for Admissions

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As a top New Jersey Dog Bite attorney, one of Mr. Cowhey's favorite tools in litigating a dog bite case is Requests for Admissions.  These are simple questions that we forward to the defendant/dog owner's attorney, which asks that the defendant/dog owner admit or deny certain facts.  Intitial requests for admissions may ask the defendant if 1) you (the plaintiff) were in fact bitten by a dog owned by the defendant on a given date; 2) the defendant is in fact the owner of the dog that attacked you, 3) on the given date, you were on the premises where you were bitten legally (this means that you are NOT a trespasser), 4) you did nothing in any way to provoke the dog owned by the defendant prior to the attack, and 5) as a result of the dog bite in question, you sustained an injury.  If the defendant answers these questions affirmatively, your requests for admissions can become a powerful tool in establishing liability on the part of the dog's owner, and will build a case toward filing a Motion for Summary Judgment.  Requests for Admissions are a method that Mr. Cowhey employs as part of his efforts to be completely thorough in every dog bite case that he handles in the State of New Jersey, and to help ensure that your case, if it is being litigated, will go before a jury purely on the issue of damages to be awarded to you, the dig bite victim.  If you have been bitten by a dog in New Jersey, make sure that you select an attorney who will use every legal tool at his disposal to give you the outcome you deserve.  Call us today at (609) 653-9200 for a free consultation, or contact our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627 to speak with Mr. Cowhey directly regarding your dog bite case.