The Litigation Process: Depositions

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Toward the end of the litigation process of your dog bite claim, the defense attorney assigned to the case may want to schedule you for a deposition.  A deposition is the process of a party giving sworn evidence through testimony regarding (in this case) their dog bite claim, in the presence of the defense attorney, Mr. Cowhey (as your attorney), and a court reporter.  The defense attorney will ask not only general questions related to your dog bite incident, but also any and all questions relevant to the matter at hand.  As your attorney, Mr. Cowhey can object to any line of questioning that he feels is either irrelevant or not appropriate, given the facts of the case and the laws governing it.  It is an opportunity for you, as the dog bite victim, to give your personal account of what happened during the original incident and to provide evidence as to your damages and related medical treatment.  Most of these depositions are conducted "in-house" at our office.  Mr. Cowhey makes it a point to meet with his clients prior to the deposition so that they can feel comfortable and fully prepared to answer any questions that the defense attorney may have.  When presenting a claim for dog bite injuries, make sure that you select an attorney that ensures his clients' comfort and readiness to conduct depositions.  Call David J. Cowhey, the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, today at (609) 653-9200 or on our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627 to receive a free consultation and assessment of your dog bite case.