The Litigation Process: Arbitration

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After all discovery has been completed and depositions have been taken in your dog bite case, and if your dog bite claim has not yet settled, the next step in the litigation of your case is moving to arbitration.  An arbitration is one of several kinds of alternative dispute resolutions, which provide parties to a controversy with a choice other than litigation. Unlike litigation, arbitration takes place out of court: the two sides in your dog bite case select an impartial third party or parties, known as arbitrators; agree in advance to comply with the arbitrator's award; and then participate in a hearing at which both sides can present evidence and testimony. The arbitrator's decision is usually final, and courts rarely reexamine it.  As your dog bite attorney, Mr. Cowhey prepares an "arbitration statement" prior to the hearing, which briefly outlines the facts of the case (i.e. what happened, the injuries suffered, and a brief recounting of the history of medical treatment for your dog bite wounds within the scope of the case), and includes expert medical reports, police incident reports, radiological studies, photographs, etc. which go to the arbitrators as evidence of your damages.  The arbitrators, after considering the evidence presented, and after hearing any testimony provided by you, the plaintiff, then collaborate to assign a monetary value to your case that they believe is fair and consistent with the damages suffered.  This "award" is binding unless it is appealed by defense counsel, which normally happens.  Make sure that you select an attorney that will thorughly prepare your dog bite claim for arbitration and present the best case possible to ensure a fair arbitration award for you.  Call David J. Cowhey, the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, today at (609) 653-9200 or try our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627.  Our courteous staff is always ready and available to provide you with a free consultation and quick service in preparing your dog attack claim.