Secondary Dog Bite Injuries

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If you are a victim of a dog bite, it is absolutely necessary to seek further medical treatment.  There is always a chance your injuries may not stop at a dog bite scar.  The Law Office of David J. Cowhey currently represents several clients who, unfortunately, are experiencing secondary injuries stemming from dog attacks.  One such client was bitten while attending a baby shower with friends, and developed a subsequent allergic reaction that hospitalized her for nine days.  She was prescribed steroid medication to combat the allergic infection.  As a result, she developed steroid-induced diabetes.  Another client was bitten by a dog on her hand while walking her own dog on a public street.  The scars became the least of her problems, as she suffered a "permanent ulnar collateral injury" to her hand that inhibits motor function and causes perpetual pain.  Dog bites are serious matters, and sometimes the inuries, as well as the need for medical attention to treat those injuries, do not end with bite marks.  It is the policy of David J. Cowhey, as one of New Jersey's leading attorneys for canine attack victims, to advise his clients to always seek further medical attention after a dog bite occurs.  The hallmark of David J. Cowhey's practice is personal attention to the client, as well as attention to every detail of the client's injuries.  If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog and are experiencing secondary injuries as a result, do not hesitiate to call the Law Office of David J. Cowhey today.