Pre-Suit Investigation

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Dog bite claims in New Jersey are subject to what is known as the "New Jersey Dog Bite Statute."  This statute holds that, in order to have a viable claim, any person or persons that wish to bring a claim for a a dog attack must 1. legally have been on the premises where they were attacked (i.e. they cannot be trespassers), and 2. must not have provoked the dog in any way prior to the attack.  If you meet these criteria, you may have a good claim for damages.  As the New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney, David J. Cowhey has created a simple format for each of the dog bite cases he handles to follow.  First, a letter of representation is sent to the owner of the dog, which requests that the owner notify their homeowner's insurance carrier of the claim.  Once insurance coverage is confirmed, Mr. Cowhey then makes sure that all appropriate medical records from every provider you have treated with for your dog bite injuries are obtained.  Generally, each case is then "diaried ahead" for six months, at which point updated photographs of your dog bite wounds will be taken.  These photographs, as well as the medical records, will then be forwarded to the dog owner's insurance carrier as part of a "demand package," with a simple letter outlining your claim and setting forth a proposed amount for settlement.  If in the event your case does not settle, it could very well proceed to litigation, which means that a Complaint will be filed on your behalf in the New Jersey county where you reside or where the dog bite took place.  David J. Cowhey wants the dog bite claim process to be as easy and painless as possible for his clients, which is why every dog attack case he handles follows this simple format.  Don't get bogged down in "legalese" and an over-complicated claims process.  Select an attorney that wants to make sure you do not experience the unneeded stress that can come with bringing a claim for dog bite injuries.  Call David J. Cowhey, the New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney, today at 888-DOG-ATTY or on our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627 for a free consultation.