Pre-Litigation: Demand Packages

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As the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, David J. Cowhey has instituted a simple format for all of his dog bite cases to follow.  After a letter of representation is sent to the owner of the dog that attacked you, within 1 month or so, an insurance company will usually contact our office to confirm homeowner's insurance coverage on the part of the dog's owner.  Once coverage is confirmed, your dog bite case is "diaried" for 6 months so that we can order all appropriate records of your medical treatment for your dog attack injuries.  During this time, we also make sure that we have obtained a collection of photographic evidence of your dog bite injuries, which are usually taken just after the dog bite in question and six months afterward, so we can ascertain how well your scars have healed.  Once we have all records and photographs in hand, we will prepare what we call a "demand package" for you, which is a formal letter addressed to the dog owner's insurance company which outlines the facts of your dog bite claim, our position as to how your case will be handled in litigation, and concludes with an initial monetary "demand" that clearly states what we believe your case to be worth, given the damages and evidence available to us.  The insurance company is given 30 days to respond.  Many dog bite cases settle in this manner, with both parties agreeing to a settlement amount without involving the Courts.  However, some do not, as insurance companies can be very stubborn when it comes to negotiating dog bite claims.  Should the case fail to settle within the 30-day time frame, Mr. Cowhey will then advise you that the best way of proceeding with your dog bite case will be to file a Complaint with the appropriate venue, meaning the New Jersey Superior Court vicinage (county) where the dog attack victim resides or where the dog attack in question took place.