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Normally, claims for injuries suffered as a result of a dog attack are brought against the dog's owner, who will notify their homeowner's insurance carrier so that they may deal with the victim's attorney.  However, not all dog owners are homeowners.  Many dog owners rent, and in some cases may carry renter's insurance.  Also, a landlord of a property where a dog attack occurred may be found liable for your injuries if they: a) have prior knowledge of the dangerous tendencies of the dog (meaning they knew of prior attacks committed by the dog), and b) allowed the dog's owner to continue to keep the dog on their property anyway.  The offending dog's owner may not have insurance, but that does not mean the end of your case.  Call the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer today on our 24/7 Attorney Hotline (609-513-0627) to have Mr. Cowhey personally evaluate your case.  A landlord may not own the dog, but they can still be held liable for damages.