Dog Bite Cases Involving Children

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As a grandfather of a kindergarten-age girl himself, David J. Cowhey is extremely aware that all too often, young children can become victims of dog attacks.  Children may be seen by some of the more aggressive dog breeds, such as pit bulls and Rottweilers, as vulnerable and weak and are often attacked without provocation.  Consequently, many children are seriously wounded in dog attacks each year, often while visiting the homes of dog owners with their parents as invited guests.  An innocent child should not have to suffer injustice in addition to physical and mental scarring as the result of a dog bite.  Mr. Cowhey has handled countless dog bite cases involving minors, recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for them in the process.  If your child has suffered injuries or scarring as the result of a dog bite, do what is best for them and ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve for their trauma.  Call David J. Cowhey, the top New Jersey dog bite attorney, on our hotline today at (609) 513-0627.  Consultation is always free, and if you do not recover, you do not pay any legal fees.  Our attorney is always ready to hear your case.