Attorney Evaluation of Dog Bite Claims

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Should you decide to contact David J. Cowhey, the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, for a free consultation regarding your dog attack claim, there are several pieces of vital information that will be assessed.  You will be asked about the nature of your injuries, e.g. the area of your body that was injured by the dog.  You will also be asked about the location where the dog bite took place, the date of the incident, the identity of the dog's owner(s), and whether you sought any medical treatment immediately following the attack.  Mr. Cowhey will also have to make sure that your dog bite claim is viable pursuant to the terms outlined in the New Jersey Dog Bite Statute, NJSA 4:19-16.  The New Jersey Dog Bite Statute holds that if the victim of an attack by a dog was A) lawfully on the premises where they were bitten (meaning they cannot have been trespassing) and B) they did nothing to provoke the animal in any way prior to being bitten (meaning that the victim cannot have precipitated an attack by physically abusing the dog or touching it against the warnings of its owner), then the victim has a viable claim for damages based on their injuries.  Your case must meet these criteria in order to be eligible for recovery.  Mr. Cowhey will clearly outline this for you, and explain why your case is or isn't viable under the Statute.  As far as damages are concerned, not every dog bite case has to be "catastrophic," though many are.  Even "smaller" claims, such as small lacerations, bite marks and puncture wounds may be good candidates for fair compensation.  If your claim is viable, Mr. Cowhey will explain in detail how your case will be handled, and if you agree to retain Mr. Cowhey as your attorney in your dog bite claim, a letter of representation will be sent to the address of the dog's owner.  This letter officially notifies the dog's owner that a claim for injuries sustained in an attacked caused by their dog is being brought against them, and that you, the dog bite victim, have retained Mr. Cowhey to represent your legal interests in the matter.  The letter will also request that the dog's owner contact their homeowner's insurance carrier to report the claim.  Usually, within a month, an insurance company will contact our office to confirm that a claim has been set up on your behalf.  At that point, Mr. Cowhey makes every effort to bring your dog bite claim to a successful outcome by reaching an amicable resolution with the insurance company.  If you have been bitten by a dog in New Jersey, and you want to find out what your rights are as the dog attack victim, and you wish to know if you have a viable claim for damages, call the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, David J. Cowhey, today on our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627.  Your initial consultation and case evaluation will be free of charge.