$250,000 Settlement for Cumberland County Woman

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Attorney David J. Cowhey has brought a case in which a 19-year-old Cumberland County woman had a significant portion of her chin bitten off by a dog to a $250,000 settlement.  The young woman suffered a severe and disfiguring bite wound to her chin as a result of the attack.  She was forced to undergo multiple plastic surgery procedures in the form of corrective skin grafts.  The skin graft donors had to be taken from the young woman's neck/collarbone, leaving her with scarring in that area in addition to the scars on her chin.  The dog in question was owned by resident relatives of the named insured on the homeowner's insurance policy.  Remember, the named insured on a homeowner's policy may not always be the owner of the dog that attacked you, but can still be held liable for damages if that dog was harbored at their residence, and also if the dog's true owners are resident relatives of the named insured (meaning that they lived with their dog at the insured's home at the time of the bite).  As the South Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer, David J. Cowhey excels at handling complicated cases such as this.  If you have been bitten by a dog in New Jersey, contact us today at (609) 653-9200 or on our 24/7 Attorney Hotline at (609) 513-0627 for a free consultation on your case.  Our firm is able to service clients throughout New Jersey, as we maintain offices in every region of the state for your convenience.  In addition to our home office in Linwood, located less than 20 minutes from Atlantic City in Atlantic County, we are able to meet with dog attack victims in the western South Jersey/Philadelphia area (Mount Laurel), Central Jersey (Neptune/Monmouth County), and the North Jersey/New York City area (Newark).